Spring planting?!?

So you ARE getting ready for spring, right?   It’s almost mid-October!   Yes, we are cleaning up from last summer, harvesting fall veggies and getting bee hives ready for winter…… And starting spring planting. Now is…Continue Reading

Fall Chores

It’s been great garden weather for the past week.  We’ve had enough rain to break our hot, dry summer weather and … finally…. a cool front!   Sweet relief! So what’s on the garden “to-do” list…Continue Reading

Have a little faith!

Reprinted from February 2012. This one seemed appropriate to me, all over again. Hope you enjoy it, too. It’s garden time again in Texas.   We’ve already planted cool-loving potatoes and onions, spinach, carrots, lettuce…Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

  We haven’t talked to you here in quite a while and you might be thinking we were washed away with the record rains of 2015.  We actually measured a little over 86″ of rain at the garden…Continue Reading

Summer Leftovers

We’ve had a great summer break here on the knoll (that’s a ‘hill’ to most Texans).   Now. just as the weather begins to cool a bit, it’s time to get back out to the…Continue Reading

Market on the 4th!

And what better way to start the celebration than by meeting friends at the market! We’ll have lots of blueberries and wild blackberries in the morning! A few of the great heirloom tomatoes – Cherokee…Continue Reading

Tomato Time!

We can’t be at the market every week, as much as we miss seeing you all. But it’s TOMATO TIME! You’ll find our heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee and Black Krim)  for sale out at Athens Organic…Continue Reading

Silver Linings……

Just want you to know there are silver linings behind all those rain clouds we had for so long. One might be that really difficult ‘weeds’ like bull-nettle are much easier to dig out when…Continue Reading

Market Again!!

The garden is finally beginning to produce a little bigger quantity, so we’ll be making an extra market this month! Look for just a few New Potatoes to go with the fresh Dragon Tongue beans or…Continue Reading